Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Cathode Ray Discovery of the Electron

J.J. Thomson was experimenting with the cathode ray tube and figured out there is a smaller particle than the atom. Then after his discovery scientist came up with the name electron for this particle smaller than the atom. Even though we discussed this in class I thought it would be interesting to dig  deeper into the experiment of the cathode ray tube. I have made a Prezi with the information I have found.


  1. I really liked your prezi over the Cathrode ray. I liked the the way you described each experiment and then put pictures describing them more after the description. My only suggestion would be to maybe have an introduction paragraph in your prezi describing a little more what exactly a cathrode ray is and how it works. Over great job. Your hard work really shows!

  2. i thought your prezi over the cathode ray was very good. it was a good idea to put pictures for each experiment. you showed the importance and overall it was good

  3. Your prezi was well done and you did a good job in describing the three different experiments with the cathode ray. It was really easy to follow and understand. The pictures were also really helpful in understanding the different experiments. It would have been nice to know more about the affects of the cathode ray tube, but yo did a really good job.