Thursday, September 9, 2010


I picked salt as my household product. I observed physical properties and some chemical properties. I used salt because everyone has salt in their house and I am pretty sure it will not cause an explosion of any sort.

Physical Properties
1. It is a clear to white color
2. It is a powder when not mixed with a liquid
3.Density is 2.16 g/cm
4. When I froze salt for 2 hours, nothing happen to the salt it stayed at its powder form
5. Its melting point is 800.8° C

Chemical Properties
1. I mixed salt with water and the salt dissolved and the water was still clear.This mixture became a homogeneous mixture. 

2. I had synthetic malt vinegar, which is like a dark brown color, and mixed
 it with salt. The vinegar became a little bit lighter and the salt completely dissolved. This mixture became a homogeneous mixture.
3. Then I mixed salt with Dawn antibacterial soap. Even when i stirred it the salt did not dissolve in the soap. This mixture became a heterogeneous mixture. 

4. When I heated up only salt the salt was still powder, but the color of the salt changed to a dark red. 

5. Then I heated up salt and vinegar on the stove. The vinegar boils faster with the salt inside the vinegar. Salt makes the boiling point of a liquid come at a lower temperature.

Citations of malting point and density:


  1. I'm surprised that the salt didn't dissolve in the soap. I think it might be because there is less water and the soap has a high vescocity and the water molecules can't move around as fast to react with the salt, so maybe over time it would have.

  2. Wow, i cant believe the salt didnt dissolve in soap. that is something i now know. But overall, you did a pretty good project, you could have done some more description in your blog but your pictures showed alot.

  3. It is interesting that the salt did not disolve in the soup water, over time it proably would have. Depending how much time you spent on each could have determined why you got certain out comes. It is also interesting that salt turns red when heated. Your experiments were great and quite informative.

  4. Your blog was really good! I really liked all the different tests you did find chemical properties. You did a really good job describing each of your chemical properties! I also really liked how you showed your understanding of homogenous and heterogenous in your blog, and your connections were great. Your last experiment was really interesting, I would have never thought that salt would lower the vinegar's boiling temperature. Great Job!!