Thursday, September 9, 2010


I picked salt as my household product. I observed physical properties and some chemical properties. I used salt because everyone has salt in their house and I am pretty sure it will not cause an explosion of any sort.

Physical Properties
1. It is a clear to white color
2. It is a powder when not mixed with a liquid
3.Density is 2.16 g/cm
4. When I froze salt for 2 hours, nothing happen to the salt it stayed at its powder form
5. Its melting point is 800.8° C

Chemical Properties
1. I mixed salt with water and the salt dissolved and the water was still clear.This mixture became a homogeneous mixture. 

2. I had synthetic malt vinegar, which is like a dark brown color, and mixed
 it with salt. The vinegar became a little bit lighter and the salt completely dissolved. This mixture became a homogeneous mixture.
3. Then I mixed salt with Dawn antibacterial soap. Even when i stirred it the salt did not dissolve in the soap. This mixture became a heterogeneous mixture. 

4. When I heated up only salt the salt was still powder, but the color of the salt changed to a dark red. 

5. Then I heated up salt and vinegar on the stove. The vinegar boils faster with the salt inside the vinegar. Salt makes the boiling point of a liquid come at a lower temperature.

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